Ten Reasons Why Exercise Is Good For Your Health

Staying fit seems to be the new Hit these days. But as a busy individual, you may wonder why you need to prioritize fitness especially if you are not overweight.

Yet the link between exercise and improved quality of life is undeniable.

Below are the Ten Reasons Exercise is Good for your Healthy:

Exercising boosts and stabilizes mood:

It boosts the body’s production of endorphins, which promote positive mood, feelings of well-being, and mental calm, easing anxiety.

Moving the body, getting the heart rate up, and increasing oxygen intake benefit mood on both a biological and psychological level.


Exercising is a natural detoxifier for skin and body wellness:

There is another, better, safer, and more reliable research-supported means of detoxifying the skin and body, boosting blood flow to the skin’s surface, initiating cellular repair, and reducing or even delaying the onset of age-related skin lines and wrinkles. That remedy is exercising.


Exercising improves energy levels naturally:

If there is one thing that people today never seem to be able to get enough of, it is energy. But there is another way to naturally boost energy that not only has no concerning side effects but also brings with it a multitude of other desirable benefits and that method is physical activity.


Exercising strengthens the muscles and bones:

One of the best-known benefits of exercising regularly is to strengthen and tone the muscles and strengthen the bones. Not only does this improve appearance, balance, and self-confidence, but it also helps to stave off the natural process of aging as well as impede muscle mass loss in individuals with wasting disease. Maintaining good physical fitness also guards against osteopenia and osteoporosis later in life by creating stronger bones.


Exercising supports weight loss and weight maintenance:

Inactivity is the number one trigger for weight gain, over and above dietary choices, or other lifestyle habits. Where fad diets, severe caloric restriction, supplements, and other choices may negatively impact weight loss efforts, exercising delivers clear and consistent results. Knowing precisely what to do to begin seeing results quickly can potentially improve the achievement of weight loss and ideal body weight maintenance.


Exercising reduces the risk for serious disease later in life:

Inactivity is strongly correlated with the onset of serious chronic disease later in life, to the point where researchers call them “major killers.” In addition, Exercising regularly diminished the risk for diabetes and helped stabilize and normalize blood sugar, and increases insulin sensitivity.


Exercising contributes to cognitive function and memory retention:

Getting the heart rate up, moving the body, improving muscle tone, and maintaining weight are all keys to staying healthier. But one unsung hero of exercising is the positive impact on the brain, including overall cognitive function and memory. Even more pertinently, exercising produces measurable improvement in the brain’s ability to resist Alzheimer’s onset.


Exercising promotes improved sleep quantity and quality:

A weekly fitness routine (150 minutes of aerobic activity and two strength-training sessions) improved sleep outcomes in study participants by 65 percent. For those who suffer from chronic insomnia that has not responded positively to other remedies


Exercising helps to control chronic pain conditions:

One known effective aid to easing chronic pain is exercising. Exercising has also been shown to improve tolerance to pain and can even be effective as its own type of treatment to remedy physical pain.


Exercising delays the natural aging process:

Regularly exercising is one of the ways to keep telomere length from shrinking as people age (longer telomeres are now equated to longer life).

But perhaps most promisingly for individuals who have resisted exercising and are now trying to resist the aging process itself, Physical fitness at any age is likely to deliver the same degree of benefits when it comes to looking and feeling younger for even longer.

A person does not have to exercise vigorously to stay fit. In fact, the less active exercises such as yoga, walking, slow cycling, etc. provide the highest productivity benefits.

So remember to eat healthily and reduce the calories!

Our amazing fitness center at Orchid Hotels is here to help you. Orchid Fitness and Spa is well equipped and possesses experienced instructors that guide you through the right exercise program to help achieve your girls.

Keep Fit, Stay productive!



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