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Whatever Your Healthcare Needs, We Are Here to Help

Highest hotel comforts combined with first-class medicine and care

At Orchid hotels, we are very particular about the wellbeing of our guests and about the health of our staff who attend to our esteemed guests. To this effect, we have established an in house Clinic & Health Centre.


Caring for You and Your Family

Enjoy a peaceful and caring stay at our Orchid Hotels

Our Hotel Doctor is Available 24/7

At Orchid Hotel Clinic, we're here when you need us most. That's why we're bringing you more ways to get the care you need than ever before.


Orchid Clinic Pharmacy is equipped to cater for emergency cases to provide care for the sickest patients.

Family Friendly

Looking for a family-friendly hotel clinic? Orchid Hotel clinic is your option. We are family-friendly.

Express Care

Our guiding principle is putting the patient’s needs and health first in every aspect of care.

We want you to enjoy your stay in Orchid Hotels in style and with optimum Healthcare

We Prioritise Your Total Wellbeing Above Anything Else

Luxury Service | Urgent Healthcare

It’s About
the Well-being of Our Guests

Quality Healthcare

Our friendly and courteous Doctor and Nurses will be available to access your health concerns, as well as proffer highly confidential medical advice to you at each visit to the clinic. All staff is also accessed regularly for food handling, and other clinical and health proceedings necessary for the hospitality industry where Orchid Hotels is a major stakeholder today.

Lodging for business and leisure; whatever reason you are in Orchid Hotel, our Clinic offers casual healthcare treatment that’s guaranteed to help you stay focused on your daily routines.

First-class Care

Highest hotel comforts combined with first-class medicine and care

Our fully equipped in-house clinic is open 24hours every day to attend to you; should you have any health issues or just want to check your Blood pressure, your weight, your Blood sugar etc.

First Aid
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