How To Enjoy A Vacation Alone

A vacation is a short period spent away from work, home, or school. Everyone needs a vacation and that’s why we have so many in a year. Most times people only go on vacation when they are with people. Some would call it “baecation” or “girls’ week out,” that’s not a bad vacation and I would probably talk about a family vacation in another blog post. You can enjoy a vacation alone if you do these 6 things, I am willing to share with you.


Have a plan: you need to write down the things you would like to do during your vacation. It can be from weird to adventure. Where do you want to visit, and which hotel do you plan on booking? (click here to know the 5 things to look for in a hotel). You need to create a checklist of things you always dreamt of trying out.


Self-treat: You need to give yourself a treat, what is a vacation without a beauty makeover. Use the spa, go shopping, give yourself a total makeover, you don’t need to be on a reality show before you can look like one of the Kardashians.


Learn something new: What is a vacation without learning a new skill?  You could read a book, learn how to swim or play a game. Anything new is better than nothing at all.


Go on a tour: Google places you could visit when you get there and their proximity. Always have a camera on you to take pictures and videos of how you are enjoying your vacation.


Meet new people: Just because you are on a vacation alone doesn’t mean you should go into isolation. Be friendly and free-spirited and you would find out that meeting new people isn’t as hard as pitching a proposal.


Journal: Vacation doesn’t only relax the body but also the mind. When you are in a relaxing mood, you tend to have loads of ideas flowing like milk and honey in the promised land. Always have a notepad around you or you can use the notes on your phone to keep all your ideas in one place. They all may not make sense at first but just keep writing and with time you would be proud of these ideas because they could turn into money-making ideas.



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