Celebrity Wedding On A Budget

It is every lady’s dream to have a fairytale wedding and the reason could be from the famous Cinderella story or other prince charming coming to sweep off the lady’s feet cartoons.

Most times we start planning our wedding from when we first meet a guy who has passed our prince charming criteria. So, it is safe to say that having a glamorous wedding is on every lady’s to-do list or should I call it a checklist?

I am here to tell you that you can have a celebrity wedding without breaking the bank. You really do not need to get a loan just to have that special dream wedding that you have been thinking about since you were 5 years old.

Here are 8 ways you can have a celebrity wedding on a Budget.

    Cut your guest list: I Know this can be very hard to do especially when your mom wants to invite all her church friends plus extended family members. Your wedding isn’t for the multitude; it’s a special day that should be witnessed by close family members and friends. Most times we cause these problems for ourselves when we post “I Just said yes to my best friend” on all our social media platforms, you have announced it to your 2000+ followers on Instagram and 1500 WhatsApp contacts. This is why I love the Jonas Brothers; they are full of surprises from their cute faces to their angelic voices and their low-key weddings. If Priyanka a top Bollywood and Hollywood actress can marry one of the American’s high school sweetheart without inviting the whole Disney channel, you too can have an intimate wedding without inviting everyone you have said hi to.

    No plus Ones: This is to emphasize number one. Have limited invitation cards, with the help of the internet, you can send out invitation links for your wedding. Let this link be time-bound because it would help you prepare well for your expected guests. When I say time-bound, I mean state clearly that the registration link expires by 12 midnight on the 5th of August 2021 for instance. Don’t let anyone turn your wedding into a dinner date by inviting a plus one. You may say this is going too far but you would thank me later after the wedding. It’s easier to say I am sorry my event planner was really strict with the guest list after the wedding. In other to enforce the no plus one rule, you would need to pay for security service.

    Be strict with your budget: Have a strict budget and make sure people follow it, remember that there is still a lifetime after the wedding so don’t finish your life savings on a one-day event. Instead, you can accept sponsorships from family and friends, you may have family members that are willing to sponsor your cake, catering, hall, etc. Don’t feel shy when these offers come in, accept them with your full chest.

    Rent a dress: Before I continue, let me first say I am not against you buying your wedding dress and other accessories but I would like to ask, how many weddings do you plan on having? Can the dress be converted into 3 different dresses for different occasions? How huge is your wardrobe? Now that you have answered my questions honestly, baby girl, you don’t need to buy that dress if you are on a budget. I have seen very beautiful wedding dresses for rent that comes in different packages. You can rent a dress and get a tiara, veil, bouquet, etc. depending on the package you want. You can buy your shoes, bag, earrings, etc. That is not limited to one occasion. Your reception dress can be sewn and I know you are asking “what about my traditional dress?” Traditional wears can also be rented especially the ones that are strictly for weddings.

    Same Location: Gone are the days when you travel far for the church wedding and reception celebration. With a great decorator, you can have a church/mosque setting and reception in the same place. Also, get a hotel that has an event center. That way, you can get a discount since you would be occupying some rooms and using a hall. Here at Orchid Hotel, we offer discounts when you book rooms, use our catering services and hall for your wedding.

    Don’t do Asoebi: Why tell your friends to buy Asoebi when they can simply wear a unique color? Pick a theme color instead. They can be in charge of getting your wedding souvenirs, this way you have reduced the stress of them buying asoebi worth 70k and sewing for 25k and still paying so much for a makeup artist.

    Get a Team of Vendors: We all know that for there to be a successful wedding, you need to have the best vendors. From the Event Planner to the Decorator, Baker, Caterer, Photographer, Make-up and Hair Stylist, etc. Getting these vendors individually can be extremely expensive compared to when you ask the Event Planner for example to refer other vendors to you. You would definitely go through their portfolio before final selection. Also, you can get a hairstylist who is also a makeup artist and a caterer who can also bake, or a photographer who is also a videographer. Ask them to give you their package price and you would find out that it would be lower than when getting them separately. I know you would say it would take time and the disappointment level could be higher. The hairstylist can prep your hair the night before the wedding.

    Don’t be afraid to ask for help: To avoid panic and unnecessary pressure that a wedding comes with, ask for help whenever you can. You tend to be pampered by friends and family on this day so collect the pampering well because after that it’s still your child’s naming ceremony before you get that type of pampering.



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